Hailing from Kingston, now based out of Toronto, Wade Maracle is an electronic dance music (EDM) artist. Wade started making EDM when he was 18 and has since pursued his passion for it without wavering.

At earlier ages, Wade started classical training with many instruments like the trumpet in grade 7 (which didn’t last long) but ultimately chose the laptop in the end. Wade started to teach himself guitar from books at the library and later took a few lessons in high school while attending a guitar class. Wade participated in a cadet marching band, which led him to an entire summer dedicated to rudimental practice for percussion. “My mom always complained about the sound being too loud.. It was either instruments or the mismatched speaker system with 4 subwoofers..” Wade started to play piano at the age of 23 through self teaching and incorporates it in his songs.

He enjoys making the EDM genre because of the complexity of the process and unique sounds that can be made to use musically and rhythmically. He composes a variety of EDM sub-genres like house, dubstep, trap, future bass, dnb and electro but tends to blend genres together. Often, while playing his music, you can hear the fun he is having while creating it.

To add to his accolades, Wade has studied at Recording Arts Canada for a diploma in audio engineering. While he is away from the studio, he works on graphic design for all of his music, as well as, creates videos. Wade has developed a solid foundation to progress further doing live shows featuring his signature style and blending in a variety of just about everything.